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The cooperation of Energology is the association of institutes and companies, which work on the basis of the science of energology. General manager of the cooperation is Mr. Adem Kapur, who is the founder of the science of Energology®.

Adem Kapur

Founder of the science of Energology
Founder of the science of Octral Psychology

General Manager of the KDE Cooperation of Energology
Energology KDE News
Project TEDDY BOX christmas 2008

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Emirates-Germany Business Summit 2007 Of that 8th until 10th May 2007 finds the Emirate – Germany business summit 2007 take place under the patronage of Roland Koch, the Prime Minister of the state Hessen, of Petra Roth, the head mayor of the city Frankfurt and of Dr. Joachim of Harbou, president of the IHK Frankfurt / Main.
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Origin of the term energology

The term "energology" is
derived from "energy"
and "logos":
  • Logos: Greek: speech,
    word, reason, learning
  • Energy: Latin "energia",
    Greek "enérgeia":
    "acting force" from "érgon": "work, acting"
Therefore energology is the "speach of the reason of the acting force" or shortly the "learning of energy".

Energology is the learning of energy

The learning of energy is the research on energy universally. Energologie is a scientific basic research; energy is considered to be at the root of any (physically) shown existence and is passing through to the none obvious energy format domain.

"Everything which is, is energy."
"Energy is everything, which is."

The elementary consideration, both in the essential research and beyond, is from an energologic point of view always an energy pattern. This energy pattern needs to be captured and explored in its origin, as well as in its expansion and transformation.

The human being as a complex creature, both physically and in its mode of action, is nothing else than a composition of countless energy pattern, part of them being obvious, some other none obvious. All this energy pattern are mutually bounded and are supplemental in their mode of action.

This simplified representation should illustrate that the very basic view in research can only be to explore the question “what is energy?”

The energologic approach of science is in its basics different to the scientific approach used so far. The essential difference is that a global thinking structure is used to enable deliberate strategies to explore and capture related scientific recognitions.

Was energy first there or did something exist before, which in turn created energy?

This question drives us into a paradoxical approach tactic in exploring essential question in the energologic domain. Exactly this paradoxical approach should drives us, in an irresistible manner, to a consistent perception which corresponds to our intellectual demand : creating contradictory constructs and positions to discover very basic laws both in physics and astrophysics, and recognize their dual functionality as a system.

What is there, can not be and this which is not, can only turn into being — wherever of

To withdraw a possible illusion in our perception and perception ability, we have to question our current perception (as well the sense based perception as the technical perception, mechanically and organically). Would we be the measure of everything, we would have the ability to extend our sense perception with all possible extension, to be the reference of any existence. Just considering this approach is in opposition with human being rationales in its own perception.
So we cannot consider ourselves serious if when declaring something out of our perception or out of the awareness we have build up, we do not simultaneously question it.
Also this approach may in first place sound philosophic, it is not the case. Because as long as fundamental questions out of our own conscious perception and the perception of the things we perceive out of ourselves, are not answered there is simply a risk that this so called scientifically constructed reality is only an expression of our intellectual and sensuous perception.
If this is only playing a secundary role in the whole existence, which is so far unknown in its sizing, dimension and consequences, then the question of what role our scientific knowledge is playing in our whole existence, is even more crucial.
This exercise is required to access to a minimum modesty, to create the start of the scientific foundation which is the essential prerequisite in the energologic research. To enable extensive investigation, one should ask himself : “what is the reality, which is surrounding us out of our perception without isolating it from our awareness ?” The only satisfactory answer to this question is “energy”.
There is no doubt that any scientific entitlement and every scientific research has to start there.

Adem Kapur
Founder of the science of Energology

Content of Energology

  • Exploration and research of various forms and characters of energy which are directly or indirecty related to human beings and their existence
  • Research about the origin and source of different forms and characters of energy, as well as about the complexity of their energetic patterns and their mechanisms along with their individual and general impacts on human beings and their environment
  • Research that explores forms of energy in connection with animism
  • Research that explores energetic processes linked up with the human body and soul in general and during pathological conditions
  • Scientific investigations of energy in the field of pathology, such as research on possible connections and interactions between human beings and their natural and social environment, which could lead to pathological conditions
  • Research and development of new treatment methods on an energological basis, which are adjusted to the human pattern of energy and dispense with the conventional use of chemistry and poison, which may cause damage to mankind and nature
  • Exploration of the primal energy, which allows the human being and all other forms of life to exist, in its source, expansion and transformation
  • Everything that exists in the universe has its origin in a primal source of energy. The expansion and transformation of primal energy creates an abundance of forms of existence in universe. One part of this existence are the human beings who strive to unveil the mystery of their origin.
If you like to visit our other more detailed German language website, please click here: www.energologie.de.
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