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The cooperation of Energology is the association of institutes and companies, which work on the basis of the science of energology. General manager of the cooperation is Mr. Adem Kapur, who is the founder of the science of Energology®.

Adem Kapur

Founder of the science of Energology
Founder of the science of Octral Psychology

General Manager of the KDE Cooperation of Energology
Energology KDE News
Project TEDDY BOX christmas 2008

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Emirates-Germany Business Summit 2007
Emirates-Germany Business Summit 2007 Of that 8th until 10th May 2007 finds the Emirate – Germany business summit 2007 take place under the patronage of Roland Koch, the Prime Minister of the state Hessen, of Petra Roth, the head mayor of the city Frankfurt and of Dr. Joachim of Harbou, president of the IHK Frankfurt / Main.
Publication in the MGI News
Intercultural Management ManagementconsultingWhat do we have in common?
New impulses from the science of Energology® for intercultural management

The number of intercultural contacts in everyday business is on the increase - even for accountants! In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, the ability to manage cultural differences to competitive advantage should be a corporate imperative, 'not a nice to have' option. more

Core Tasks of the KDE

  • The KDE Cooperation of Energology preserves the principles of the science of Energology
  • It shapes and guides a conscious and responsible application of resources of any kind
  • It acts as the general representative of the all cooperation partners
  • It functions as the representative of all institutions and companies in the cooperation
  • It preserves the innovation and supervises the award of licenses to the cooperation partners and other organisations and third party companies
  • It ensures, that the requirements of the customers of the cooperation partners are met in continuous quality at a high level
  • It sets quality and security standards
  • It serves the function to make the development of the organisation available in the sense of its specific function and to ensure its functionality
  • It preserves the common organisation structure, in which the cooperation partners are conditioned among each other, support each other and the deliberate, structured interdependence are consciously shaped.- Therefore the individuality and communality are practised at a high level.
  • It is entitled for all its cooperation partners to sign contracts. It is obliged to the central contract management. It shapes it in particular in form of master contracts.
  • It is internal service partner for the central functions such as IT, Human Resource, Law, Marketing and Finance for all cooperation partner of the KDE.

History of the KDE

More about the history of the
KDE, its cooperation partners
and the expansion of
energology. >> more












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